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Kruja, The City of Skanderbeg

Kruja, The City of Skanderbeg

The name and the importance of the city are closely related to the 25 years of activity of our national hero, Skanderbeg, who in the 15 century made Kruja a bastion of uncompromising resistance against the Ottoman.

The Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg Museum is situated inside the castle walls, which date back to the fifth and sixth centuries A.D.

The museum itself was inaugurated in 1981. Within the walls of the castle are also the Ethnographic Museum and the Dollma Tekke.

Kruja is one of the most important cities of Albania, mostly known to be the hometown of Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu, the greatest Albanian hero of all the times. It is just one hour by car, or bus, from the capital city Tirana, so you can easily visit it in one day.

Near the castle’s entrance is a traditional market, which dates back to the period of Skanderbeg. Here, tourists can find Albanian craft products such as embroidered items, carpeting, silver objects, copper, alabaster, filigree, traditional clothing, antiques  at the traditional Old Baazar of Kruja

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