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Ksamil, the Hiden gem

Ksamil, the Hiden gem

Ksamil is a small village in southern Albania. Locals have long gone here in the summer for sunbathing and swimming, but it is only now in recent years that foreign tourists have found their way here.

Ksamil is primarily known for its fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Especially on the four islands located a bit out in the water. These four islands are uninhabited, and you get to them via boat

Ksamil is the most popular destination along the Albanian Riviera and for good reason – it’s beautiful!  Sandy beaches, clear water, fresh seafood and the perfect place to relax.

These days Ksamil has become increasingly popular with thousands of tourists flocking to this small paradise in the south of Albania.  I remember when I first arrived in Ksamil for the first time and I was in awe.  I had no idea that Albania had a paradise this beautiful.

The town itself is quite small but still every year it seems to be expanding.  Take note that during the months of July and August Ksamil is full of people.  Personally, I avoid it during those months and visit when the season is just about or completely over.  April-June and September-November are great times to visit.

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